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There are many products on the market for sexual enhancement. We know it is difficult for you to make a wise purchase. Here are some tips:

  • Choose only products made in USA. Many products are made in China, Thailand and now Columbia. You have no idea what they contain.

  • Beware of testimonials They are often bought. Yes, even on Amazon.

  • Read the guarantee. Many say that they will issue a refund if the bottle is returned “UNOPENED”. Some impose unreasonable terms for mailing back.

  • Watch the quantity. Many charge a low price but do not make it clear how many you must take each day or how many pills are included. Some contain as little as ten pills.

  • Do not believe Doctor testimonials. They are actors pretending to be Doctors.

  • Watch the S&H charges. Many charge international orders as much as $50.

  • Some sites offer you a free sample or their product at a greatly reduced price. Read the small print. When you agree to accept their offer you are agreeing to sign up for reorders.

  • Many sites suggest that they are unbiased evaluators. Don’t be fooled, they are not unbiased. They tell you that all other products tested poorly but they have an order form or a link for you to buy their product.

  • Prior owner of Enzyte ( smiling Bob Ads) was sentenced to 25 years for false advertising, misrepresentation, and refusal to issue refunds.

60 Capsules

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