is an all-natural solution to

Increase Female Libido

and boost your sex drive

We all recognize the changes that age makes on our bodies – laugh lines are the physical manifestation of lifetime joy. Threads of silver in our hair are a mark of experience. However, there are changes that no one wants to discuss. They are intimate, delicate things that can be embarrassing to talk about without a bit of discretion. That is particularly true when it comes to female’s libido.

All Natural Female Libido Booster

What Can I Expect To Feel?

When taking SEXATIVA For Women, you will experience some or all of the following:

  • An increase in blood flow will create a tingling

  • Your sex drive and libido will improve

  • Longer – lasting and more intense orgasms

  • Reaching orgasm more quickly

  • You will experience more natural lubrication

  • Increased excitement in less time, with less stimulation needed

Female Enhancer
Guarantee to increase libido in women


  • It’s made in the USA. Our facility is GMP certified by NPA (Nutritional Products Association) and by the NSF (National Science Foundation).

  • Sexativa contains no drugs, no hormones, no stimulants, no DHEA, no Yohimba, no Ephedra, and no ground up animal glands.

  • Sexativa is full strength. Each capsule contains 500 mgs.

  • Most importantly, we have been selling this Sexativa since 1994 with thousands of happy customers.


Increase Vaginal Lubrication

Increase Libido And Sex Drive

Experience More Intense And Longer Lasting Orgasm

  • 100% Natural

  • No Drugs

  • No Stimulants

  • No Side Effects

  • Safe And Effective

Manufactured And Bottled In The United States
45 day, No Risk Money back Guarantee

60 Capsules

$5995plus tax
Discreet packaging for sex pills for women